Delectable Dinner


Fulfill those flirty fantasies by taking your Peachy experience to another level and indulge in the luxury of a dinner date with your Peachy Masseuse or simply share a bottle of wine and untamed conversation in the comfort of your home. These exceptional young ladies pride themselves on their ability to provoke intellectual intercourse, tempestuous titillation and sensuous stimulation.

If you’re tired of dining alone, bored of the ‘groundhog day’ conversation and crave some engaging and stimulating company, why not invite one of our fun and friendly Peaches to join you. They will captivate you in conversation and make you feel on top of the world.

Sexiness is an attitude…

All of our Peachy Provocateurs are deliciously formed with soft velvety skin, captivating eyes and perfect postures. They ooze sex appeal. After all sexiness is an attitude. They are fun and playful with racy imaginations. They relish such secretive liaisons and delight in making you feel special. These kittenesque companions simply purr with pleasure when they entertain you. So treat yourself to a delightful evening with the companionship of a stunning and educated young lady.

Your Peach will arrive at your desired London location, dressed to impress, sparkling, smiling, sweetly scented and eager to charm and entice you with her warmth and wit.

Beautiful, Playful, Intelligent

All classically beautiful, exuding a sense of playfulness and joie de vivre, they are intelligent, well spoken and truly sparkle. As an Executive Massage Company in London, our lovely ladies are known for their sweet natures and sense of fun and adventure. They truly are the most engaging and exquisite ladies in London Town.

The Peachy Dinner Date and Massage is a perfect combination as it allows you to have a more personal experience. You have the benefit of relaxing and unwinding with your Peachy Masseuse before sampling the delights of your imminent sensual massage. The work day can be demanding so it’s a great idea to have some frivolous and fun banter with an exotic and charming lady before a soothing and stress-releasing massage. What better way to combat the stresses of modern life!

An Evening to Remember

Although the Peachy dinner and massage package offers a more personal and intimate experience, it is not an invitation to sexual services. Instead, you will have an evening to remember with a delightful dinner date followed by the pleasure of an erotic body massage.

Add some Zest to your Life with a thrilling Peachy Dinner Date Encounter – truly breathtaking Companionship.



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  • 2 Hours of Sensual Communication £500
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  • 5 Hours of Live Life to the Full £1100

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