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As curious beings I expect many of our clients wonder about the world of a Peachy Pleasures Masseuse and how she feels about her profession. We have decided to give you curious folk a special insight into their lives, by interviewing one of our special young ladies, Angel.


Angel, how do you generally spend your day?

I’m studying psychology so, typically, I go to university during the day and I’m a Tantric Goddess by night! Laughs.

What drew you to Tantric massage?

I studied therapeutic massage and developed a passion for the art of Tantra. As a sensual being, I found I was drawn to the combination of therapeutic massage blended with Tantric Massage. It really is a sensuous art. I love giving massage pleasure…that’s why I’m with Peachy Pleasures! Laughs.

Do you enjoy being a Tantric Massage London Therapist?

I love it! I feel ecstatic after giving a massage. I love to see and feel the pleasure I am giving someone. It actually makes me feel fantastic. For me, the whole massage experience is so exciting. It makes me feel so much more relaxed after giving a sensual tantric massage. I literally float home. You meet fascinating people from all parts of the globe and you get to explore their world.  It’s so liberating and so much fun. I also love London Town – despite the weather!

Do you enjoy massaging men or women?

Both. I enjoy massaging both ladies and gents. That’s why I always have so much fun in a Couples massage booking.

What other passions do you have?

Apart from massage? Photography, Art, Dance. I enjoy going to the theater once in a while. The best show I ever saw was ‘Le Cirque de Soleil’ in Las Vegas. It was amazing! I’ve been to quite a few shows here in London too. Travel is a great passion of mine. It’s so exciting exploring new countries and meeting new people.The world is so diverse. My favourite city is Prague. It’s stunning. Cheese and wine is a weakness…in moderation. Yum!   In the winter, I like going skiing and in the summer I love the beach with its warm powdery sand and sweet scent of coconut oil. I like to shop for pretty clothes. Most girls do. But luckily I don’t over-shop. I treat myself occasionally. It’s important to treat oneself sometimes. I have a love/hate relationship with the gym. I hate going but I feel so good at the end of my work-out and I  like to see the results it has on my body. It’s important to keep in ship shape as a Peachy Masseuse. It also makes me feel more energized. Talking of health, I love good food…eating nutritious food with the occasional hint of naughtiness…a tiny chocolate or two..

Angel, do you have a favourite novel?

I love ‘The Slap’ by Christos Tsiolkas. It’s brilliantly written and shockingly lucid. Definitely recommend it.

Do you have any favourite films?

Oh so many, that’s difficult. American Beauty is probably my favourite. It arouses all your emotions. It’s humorous yet sad. Sensual yet innocent. Very thought-provoking.

Do you have any favourite massage clients?

Giggles. Yes for sure! I get to meet so many lovely men…and ladies and couples from all over the world. They’re fascinating and very charming! We share a common ground; sensuality. So we gel instantly. We drink champagne together and they tell me about their day and their passions. It’s good to connect mentally with the other person before giving a massage. It heightens the pleasure. It’s great to brighten up someone’s day and relieve them of all their stresses and tension. You literally see and feel the transformation of their body and state of mind. By the end of the massage they just float in your hands and the frown has changed into a blissful smile. A real smile. Their whole aura is different and they have a happy glow about them. No longer the pinched face bearing tension. The tension is obliterated. The smile has returned. It’s wonderful.

Angel, why did you choose to become a Masseuse – and an Elite one at that – with Peachy Pleasures?

I loved the company website. It simply sucks you in with its Peachy prose! I get on well with Heidi, the Queen of Peaches! I like the way she conducts business ethically and with great passion. I enjoy our meet ups over coffee and lunch. Occasionally, all the Peaches meet for drinks or dinner which is great because that way you feel part of a team and you make friends with the other girls. It’s important to connect with the other masseuses, especially if you have a booking for a four-hand massage together. It leads to a better overall massage experience for the recipient. The company cares about the girls which is refreshing and we’re all super friendly as well as being beautiful. We get a lot of attention when we all go out!  Obviously. I suppose I just like the whole concept of the company. Peachy for London! It is the elections right?

Thank you Angel.


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