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My passions in life? Simple. Fine wine, exotic cuisine, travel and sensual massage. I study psychology at university and find the human psyche fascinating. I love meeting and discovering new people. That’s why I’m a student by day and a Tantric masseuse by night. A wholesome combination. I consider myself to be fortunate. I meet international businessmen, entrepreneurs and even celebrities from all over the globe. They adore my super sensual massages when they frequent London and I enjoy their appreciation and tenderness. I bask in the sheer delight of knowing this is my secret. Nobody else’s. I please people for a living with Tantric massage and it feels good. I also get to massage women and couples which is also a very uplifting experience.

More often than not, my clients lack intimacy in their lives – whether they’re in a partnership, marriage, or single, they all have one goal in common. They crave human touch, the intimacy of a sensual massage and human affection. It’s a shame that so many relationships lack this basic concept of touch and sensuality. It’s so obvious yet so difficult for some couples to grasp. One has to battle through the demands of life and remember what is truly important. Touch and human contact is imperative. It makes someone feel whole again and more grounded – more content.

I love the male form with all its sensitive areas, powerful manly strength, the rough and the smooth, the bristling stubble, the intoxicating scent of manly aftershave.

If people doubt my profession, I say give it a go! It’s so liberating and so much fun. How many people can truly say that about their Groundhog Day lifestyle? I find that those who judge quickly are simply jealous and afraid. Fortunately, there are so many experimental, adventurous and open minded types who reject and quash the minority’s outmoded way of thinking. Thank heavens for those enlightened, savvy and sophisticated sensualists and pleasure seekers in life. We truly know how to suck the caviar and champagne out of life!

I have been performing these sensual London massages for over 3 years now and I never tire of my Peachy profession. I love giving these magical massages – I love giving massage pleasure and seeing and feeling the stress melt away from my client’s tired torso, their energy rise as and their confidence boom. I watch and feel them submit to my ¬†prowess, my sensual massage expertise, my titillating touch and triumphant Tantric technique. They are hypnotized into a frenzied state of rapture, their eyes focused and determined. Their hearts beating like newly born bunnies, their bodies squirming with delectation and enchantment, their wonderment at my every seductive body to body massage move, their ecstasy, their ethereal trance like state at the end of the massage. I affectionately massage their bodies, I make them feel alive, content, relaxed, wanted. I make them feel special. As I see the life returning to their previously forlorn faces, the cheeky spark return to their eyes, I know I have performed this tantric massage to the best of my ability. I know I have the right to announce that I am one of the best tantric massage therapists in London! I have no qualms saying that, because I see and feel the dramatic effects I have on all my regular massage clients.

Boyfriends? No thanks. I have so many regular clients who keep me happy, focused and appreciated. I love their gentlemanly ways and interesting lifestyles. More clients? Yes please. I have worked for a few tantric massage services in London and can honestly say, Peachy Pleasures offers the the most superb massage service. That’s a fact. After all, with such an abundance of gorgeous sexy massage therapists like me, nobody can dispute the issue!


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