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As the name suggests sensual massage differs from traditional massage in the sense that it is far more intimate. During a Sensual London Massage, the masseuse uses her hands, fingertips, and body to enhance the client’s energy flow.

The main goal of our sensual London massage is to encourage the receiver to achieve a deeper state of ecstasy through a combination of delicate touch and gentle massage. Unlike traditional massage, sensual massage involves massaging the the entire recipient’s body.

The Peachy Sensual Massage London Service goes beyond physical touch and incorporates numerous elements in order for the receiver to fully relax. Dim lighting and candles will encourage relaxation. Using aromatic and natural oils is also necessary as the fresh, sweet fragrance stimulates the senses and helps build a sensual connection.

Our Sensual London Massages are also characterized by gentler and softer touch as opposed to pressing firmly on the muscles to relieve tension. During a personal massage session, the recipient’s body is caressed and soothed with Tantric Massage techniques. A lingam ending is not the sole purpose of a sensual massage – the power lies in the fact that this form of sensual massage pleasure can unlock suppressed emotions and release negative feelings and energy, leaving you in a deeply relaxed and euphoric state of mind.

This super sensuous massage experience has a deeply relaxing effect on your mind, body and soul. Thus, opting for a sensual massage experience can do wonders for your stress levels in today’s modern hectic society.

At Peachy Massage London Ltd, we offer the most sensual massage London has to offer. All of our lovely ladies are skilled massage therapists as well as professional Models. They take huge pleasure in massaging your worries away and leading you to the peak of your provocative plateau. Add some zest to your life and experience the wonders of a sensual tantric massage in London with Peachy Massage London Ltd – The Purveyors of Your Pleasure.


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