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My sensual massage rapture with delicious Danni

When did I become so joyless? So detached, so consumed by materialism, a loveless marriage in which intimacy was regarded as blasphemy and so addicted to the ‘toxic release’ of booze and numb-inducing narcotics. I felt trapped in the Goldfish bowl of life, a suffocating fish desperate to swim free. Surely at 48 years of age, life had more to offer.

Unlike several of my work colleagues, I had never been into experimenting with ‘ladies of the night,’ or ‘escorts.’  I do not find their chosen profession offensive – merely dispiriting. I was not drawn to the scarlet woman’s world of a quick fix. I craved real intimacy, passion and safety. I stumbled upon a Google review for ‘sensual massage in London’ with a British company named Peachy and was immediately enraptured. I loved the Peachy branding and the intimations of what ‘a Peach’ actually conjures up in one’s mind. So feminine and girly.  It promised intimacy in the form of sensual massage and body to body massage raptures, titillating and Tantric, sensuous yet no sexual intimacy. This was exactly what I wanted.  I was elated and felt I had finally woken up from the coma of life.  It was safe, the girls – termed ‘Peachy Ladies’ looked gorgeous and so I decided to take the plunge.

It was a special celebration for me, so I booked at room at the racy Ritz Hotel in London and after a glass of celebratory champagne, called the receptionist. Now I have to confess, I am attracted to educated British voices, and the young lady on the phone was an absolute dream! She was fun, flirty, friendly and made me feel extremely at ease. This was a piece of cake! Why had I been so anxious!

After deliberating between whether to opt for a gorgeous blonde English Masseuse or a beguiling Brazilian, I chose an ‘awe-inspiring Australian’ named Danni. I have a penchant for Aussie ladies: they’re always so humorous, engaging and playful.  Danni lived up to this expectation completely. With a gentle knock on the door, My Peach entered with a beaming smile, planted a kiss on my cheek and referring to me by name, asked how I was feeling. I lied as everybody does and said I was just great. Danni retorted by saying, she felt ‘just Peachy,’ which made me chuckle and immediately broke the ice. We chatted for a while over champagne and Danni enlightened me about her love of tantric massage and travel. She was smart, savvy and dressed immaculately. This young lady sparkled with beauty.  I was ecstatic with my choice of Masseuse and could not wait to sample the pleasures of her massage.

In an instant – like Mary Poppins, Danni opened her large black bag and ceremoniously adorned the bedroom with scented candles and burning incense. She went to shower as I lay on the king-sized bed with slight trepidation. Danni emerged from the steamy bathroom like a Goddess in a black, lace gown. What a vision!

This Million Dollar Baby proceeded to lavish my entire body with the pure, sweet nectar of Peachy massage oil. I felt intoxicated and entranced by her touch, the sweet aroma of incense and warm oil, as well as the uplifting, sensual melodies that transported from her ipod. All of my senses were aroused and this heady concoction drove me wild. My heart was beating like a caged bird, with nervous anticipation. She crawled like a stealthy panther over my torso, continuously caressing the warm massage oil into every pore of my skin. Every aching muscle was attended to, every knot unlocked, every inch of my body was explored and eased of tension. I felt a true sense of exaltation and euphoria. A real sense of liberation. This massage gave me the intimacy I so richly deserved. I felt truly alive for the first time in an eternity. A revolution smoldered in my head; why had I deprived myself of such sensual massage gratification before? Would this Aussie Lightning Bolt elope with me? Wishes, wishes and more wishes.

Using feathers, silky scarves and her warm, magic hands, my incredible Masseuse built me up like a steam train, chugging along fervently with gusto. She transported me to a plateau of pure provocation as she longingly massaged my body. Pure and utter bliss.

Despite the Crowning Glory of my ethereal sensual massage, Danni was in no rush. She tenderly massaged my head and whispered soothing words to me. Such affection filled my heart with even more joy and I lay there thinking about my next Peachy Pleasures encounter.

So all serious Sensualists my advice to you is to add some zest to your lives and ride the waves of sensual massage rapture with this perfectly Peachy massage remedy. Make your life Peachy, as I have mine.


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