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This warm, wet and soapy massage will wash all your worries away. The massage begins with a bathing ritual whereupon your naked Masseuse washes your body with soaps and oils. She will then proceed to towel dry your body with warm, fluffy towels and lead you into the bedroom for a deliriously delightful erotic body massage. Such erotically charged experiences steer us away from life’s Groundhog Day demands. Make Life Interesting and Imaginative.

Want to know how absolutely enthralling the Peachy soapy massage London is? Read on…

The Peachy London Soapy Massage Story

I’m a sensitive guy who finds the whole escort world in London slightly intimidating. I have always preferred those titillating Tantric massages, otherwise known as a sensual massage, erotic massage or body to body massage. I don’t feel pressure to perform, plus, I love the whole sensual build up and the loving touch and caress of a sweet, pretty, sexy Masseuse. They’re clean, fresh and tender. Such tenderness helps me to relax. There are no expectations.

I recently sampled the delights of a Peachy tantric massage in London and was thrilled with my experience. Monique, a former Playboy Model, arrived dressed to impress – smart and sophisticated. She was stunning, in great shape and very charming. She flirted with her deep, brown eyes and girly giggles. I was taken!

I opted for a Peachy London soapy massage, referred to as the ‘Wet and Wild.’ Wet it was and wild it became! My Cleopatra created a sense of ceremony even before the bathing ritual. The muted lighting, peach coloured candles around the bath tub, burning incense and soft music evoked an ambiance of tranquility and sensuality. I could smell the sweet fragrance of peaches from the bubble bath. It was a regal bath ceremony. It was a warm and welcoming sanctuary.

Monique undressed me with a cheeky twinkle in her eye. As she unbuttoned my shirt, she caressed my chest. Her hands were soft and graceful. I was immediately excited. She led me graciously to the bathing sanctuary and we entered the bath tub holding hands like two lovers about to embark on something seriously special. My Cleopatra perched herself on the rim of the bath and after applying peachy soap to her hands, she lifted one of my legs onto her thigh and began lathering it. I basked in the luscious sensations of her strokes and I could feel her soft, bare flesh slide against me. After swirling the soapsuds around my legs, she poured warm water over me to rinse them off. She continued the lathering, stroking and cleansing ritual along my abdomen and chest. The exquisite feel of soap and water lubricating our bodies was highly erotic and I tingled at her every touch. This Peachy Goddess was the epitome of a fantasy mermaid with her long, wet hair falling over her breasts. She was golden in colour with the sweetness of heavenly nectar and the gentleness of a Japanese Geisha. I loved her lingering looks and soothing strokes. She was clearly having fun.

She stood in all her amazing glory, lifted a glass of champagne and brought the bubbling effervescence to my lips so that I could inhale its cold, rising mist as I sipped it. She took her glass of bubbles to her mouth and allowed the nectar to flow from her lips to my chest. She used her lips and tongue to slide and twirl along me as the bubbling coolness trickled down. Such sweet thrills!

My magical mermaid slipped behind me with her legs surrounding my buttocks – it was a tight and delicious snuggle. She focused on the tight muscles in my shoulders and along my spine. I really was in Peachy heaven! She gently embraced me in her arms and invited me to rest on her chest. In this position, she lathered and stroked my abdomen and ran her fingers through my hair, teasing and tugging it gently. With her lips, fingertips and whispers, she described the pleasures she would bring me. She then nuzzled into my neck and whispered for me to follow her for more erotic tactile adventures. As she stepped out of the bath tub, I feasted my eyes on her royal form. This incredibly sexy Masseuse proceeded to dry my body with soft, warm towels – gently patting the trickles of water away. She hummed a sweet melody as she dried me. She was like an angel lullabying as we soared to the heavens.

My passionate, fruity Peach led me to the boudoir with a cheeky smile. She was enjoying this as much as me, which made the experience even more special. She used her entire torso to slowly slide and glide against my body, lingering on each sensuous inch, allowing her hands and body to softly sculpture every groove and ridge. Without words, she explored every part of my body with her fingers, hands, lips, sensuous fabrics and feathers. Her fingernails ran softly across my shoulder, her hair stroked my buttocks, her tongue tickled my toes, and her palm rested on my abdomen. This sensual massage was possibly the most erotic sensation on Earth! It wowed me. She took my breath away!

From the glass, she poured the champagne between her breasts, allowing the cold sparkling excitement to slither down our abdomens and genitals. Such a spectacular ‘champagne shower’ scene made me incredibly excited and I writhed with carnal fervour. I couldn’t hold on any longer. The volcano erupted with an explosive force. I felt elated and tingled with joy and contentment.

This Epicurean bath ritual left me insatiable for more Peachy London erotic massages. I was addicted to the succulent fruit of Peaches and their mouth-watering sensual massages. This orgasmic massage had awakened my sexual energy and I felt utterly and truly alive!

So there you have it – if you’re looking for the hottest bathing ritual in  London, let Peachy take care of your needs.


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