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The term ‘erotic’ comes from Eros, the Greek god of love, and describes the arousal of sexual feelings. Erotic massage provides all the benefits of therapeutic massage, yet it is also an intensely intimate and sensuous experience. Erotic massage gives you the chance to explore your sexuality and connect with your partner both physically and emotionally.


Erotic massage makes use of sexual energy to increase intimacy, prolong pleasure, heighten arousal and intensify sexual fulfilment. It encourages individuals to freely express sexual desire, lust, fantasy and passion. By promoting the flow of erotic energy throughout the body, this type of massage can also have healing effects. It certainly enables the recipient to enjoy a state of deep relaxation and the blissful sensations of erotic touch.

When sexual energy is coursing through the body, human beings tend to feel more vibrant and alive. These feelings of happiness are available to all of us every moment of the day and you don’t have to be engaged in sexual intercourse to experience them. You do, however, need to learn how to tune into them, which is where erotic massage comes in. Erotic massage can take both partners into a state of optimum awareness, in which every sense is alert and you feel truly alive.

When stressful, hectic lifestyles take their toll on your mental, physical and relationship health, erotic massage provides more than a temporary respite. It not only calms your mind and relaxes your body but it also helps access and harness your sexual energy.

Taking the best techniques from a wide range of massage styles and giving them a powerful provocative twist, our Peachy erotic massage London Service will help you to tap into your sensual side. It is a veritable voyage of self-discovery. Your personal Peachy Masseuse will massage and caress every inch of your entire body lovingly and creatively. She will derive joy from massaging your body and from the pleasure she gives – the pleasure of intense rapture which she provokes by using her hands, fingertips, body, hair and voice. It is about indulging each other and feeling fully relaxed . Our erotic London massages are utterly mind-blowing and reportedly much better than sex! These sumptuous massages will most definitely transport you to a new level of bliss. Your pleasure is our pleasure. To book the best erotic massage London has to offer, contact Emily, our perfectly peachy PA.


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