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Allow your relationship to soar to a new sensual dimension with The Peachy Pleasures Couples Massage, featuring two Peachy Masseuses. Be adventurous and take pleasure in sharing a sumptuous massage with someone special – whether with your partner, friend or companion.

It is a truly sensuous experience to see one’s partner’s body being massaged, adored and caressed, whilst simultaneously receiving the same pleasure oneself. This form of tantra massage will take your relationship to a new provocative plateau and will certainly keep the spark ignited!

Immersed in the most exotic Peachy Massage Oil  your two Masseuses correspond in time and movement, in complete synergy, four hands soothing your physical tension and heightening your sensual awareness. They will focus on your entire receptive build up and sensory surrender – artistically and gracefully massaging you in unison.


Float on a delicious wave of ecstasy and feel the frenzied flow of warmth engulf your bodies.  A truly fabulous experience that will make you both feel fully relaxed, invigorated and liberated.

We understand all couples have different needs and desires. Thus, you have the option to experience a full body massage with two female Peaches massaging you simultaneously, or why not opt for the combination of an impressive male Peach with a female Peach to perform this super sensuous couples massage. A truly intoxicating memory that will spice up every relationship!.

Live life to the full and open your mind to the deep and delectable pleasure of a Peachy Couples Massage. Experience the Peachy Magic. Take a break from your ordinary life and make life Extraordinary.

Add some Zest to your relationship with a thrilling Peachy Couples Encounter – truly breathtaking.


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