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Psychologists have proven that human contact is an integral element of human communication and development. Positive touch communicates a very simple message; it makes us feel a sense of connection and we feel loved and cherished. Many people receive the loving touch of their parents during childhood, yet as we get older, touch between human beings can dissipate. People are afraid of touch and intimacy and there are many negative connotations associated with such form of human contact, which is tragic as we thrive on the power generated through touch. Since positive feelings are aroused through human touch, it is no wonder why a sensual massage London service works wonders for the well-being of the recipient.

Massage dates back thousands of years. Evidence of massage has been found in many ancient civilizations; India, China, Japan, Egypt and Greece. It has been one of the most effective forms of body therapy to assist healing and relaxation. The word comes from the French ‘massage’ meaning ‘friction of kneading,’ or from the Arabic term, ‘massa’ meaning ‘to touch, feel or handle.’ However ancient the intuitive healing art of massage is, there is strong evidence that massage therapy can reduce ‘state anxiety’ (a reaction to a situation or event), blood pressure, the heart rate and multiple massage sessions can reduce depression and pain.

Defining Massage

The word ‘massage’ encompasses a variety of techniques, namely Swedish Massage, Sports Massage, Thai Massage and sensual massage. Sensual Massage London involves the main principles of general massage therapy: therapists press, knead, rub and manipulate the body muscles so as to ease tension and aid circulation. However, sensual body massage also involves the stimulation of sexual energy through long, sweeping, intimate strokes, body to body massage slides.  However,sexual intercourse is not the aim of sensual massage therapy.

A sensual Massage London service is the perfect remedy for those concerned about poor sexual performance, premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, insecurities or stamina levels. Not only does sensual massage improve your general health, it increases your sexual responses. It is a loving ceremony that makes you feel nurtured and fully relaxed, thus, enhancing your sexual energy, which ultimately makes you feel more confident and content in life.

Sensual Massage Pleasure

A sensual massage session focuses on the recipient ‘achieving pleasure.’ Soft, slow sensuous strokes and caresses combined with muscle manipulation and body to body massage moves are applied to the massage subject which arouses sensual energy.

The Benefits of Sensual Massage

There are many benefits to sensual massage London therapy. The therapeutic side of the sensual massage will dissipate the tension you hold in your body and bring you to a state of complete relaxation, which in turn, improves your general health and well- being. Sensual massage  invigorates your sexual energy – ultimately improving levels of intimacy with your partner. Your sexual health influences your general health and longevity. It helps remove any complexities that inhibit your sexuality. Furthermore, it will help you get to know your body more and how it fully functions. The aim is to bring balance and harmony to the mind and body, thus, making you feel more present, alive and conscious of your sensual energy. It simply allows you to get rid of all of your tension on many levels.

A professional sensual massage is a truly unique and rewarding experience.  Your anxieties will melt away and your sexual energy will be chanelled so you can experience a higher level of pleasure. London sensual massage is not purely for those male clients who suffer from sexual malfunction or poor performance, it is also for all ladies and gents who yearn to be pampered, crave intimacy in their lives and need to reconnect with their ability to achieve the ultimate pleasure. Whether you have sexual anxieties or simply feel the need to be pampered, a London Sensual Massage should be sampled at your earliest convenience.