Sexy Massage London

Sexy Massage London

The term sexy massage does not imply that massage therapists offer sexual intercourse or sexual intimacy. A sexy London massage Service involves a combination of tantric massage blended with therapeutic massage. Typically,the main aim of this treatment is to stimulate the client’s senses through soft, Swedish body to body massage. With a sexy massage London service, there is no sexual intercourse, thus, the client has no pressure to perform and can simply relax and allow his personal Masseuse to take full control.

Sexy Massage is even better than sex!

Whilst some sceptics may disagree with this statement, regular users of  sensual Massage will vehemently agree that the experience of a sexy massage is far better than sexual intercourse. Why? Your entire body is an erogenous zone so massaging every inch of the body is extremely seductive. The massage journey is, thus, extremely intimate and highly pleasurable. The recipient has no expectations to perform so can completely relax and allow his imagination to run wild. With gentle encouragement from your Masseuse to partake in specific Tantric breathing, you are encouraged to fully relax  Sexy Massage is synonymous to tantric massage which implies that the Masseuse will intentionally arouse all the client’s senses.

Is Sexy Massage purely for Men?

Absolutely not.  Naturally, the majority of clients who are enjoy these sensual massages are men but there are a small percentage of women who openly embrace the world of sensual tantric massage.  The term used in the massage industry for the female sensual massage experience is ‘yoni massage.’  The aim of the yoni massage is the whole sensual build up and grand finale. Many couples are also avid fans of the sexy massage London scene and relish seeing their partners being massaged whilst experiencing the same sensations themselves. It allows couples to take their relationship to a new sensual dimension which is strongly encouraged in today’s hectic world.

Add to Life’s Rich Tapestry with a sexy massage in London

If you reside in London or are visiting this great city, why not grab the bull by the horns and add some spice to your life with a Peachy Pleasures sexy Massage. We are the pioneers of this exceptional concept of sensuous massage and have the most talented and enchanting Masseuses in the entire massage industry. As a bespoke British Boutique Massage Service, we aim to please and tease. We are a reputable, registered company and confidentiality is of paramount importance to us. Our fabulously friendly English receptionists will be happy to advise you on all varieties of our massage Menu and ensure you receive the finest treatment. Seize the day and make your life Peachy! Experience the Extraordinary with a scintillating sexy massage in London.